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Salt Solutions videos and summaries make everything as straightforward as possible without sacrificing depth. Mike takes intimidating concepts and talks through them until the answers are obvious. I can’t wait to pass all the levels with your help.

Erika Simmons CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

What I loved was the mock exams, the way you can see your progress, and the whole design of the platform (easy on the eyes). I loved that if you had a query on a question, you could comment and someone would reply right away!

Aleksandar Veljanovski CFA® Level II candidate, Salt Solutions user

I loved that the videos have 2x speed. I watched all of them that way and it sped up the process immensely. I also found the actual [CFA exam] questions to be much simpler than the mock exams. I was very satisfied with Salt and ended up 90th percentile overall on the exam.

Brandon Arns Passed CFA® Level I exam using Salt Solutions

Salt Solutions has the best product on the market! Salt’s approach to CFA preparation has saved me many, many hours of study time compared to other prep providers I’ve used. I will highly recommend Salt Solutions to anyone taking the CFA exam.

Ethan Peterson Passed CFA® Level II exam using Salt Solutions

I enjoyed the platform and the learning methodology. The readings and video lessons from Salt made things easier to understand and broke the material down into more digestible chunks.

Brandon De Vries CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

The level of detail in providing thoughtful explanations and illustrations combined with video lessons has helped further my understanding.

Garrett Donigan CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

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