Referral Program

Our users are loving Salt Solutions and we want to encourage you to spread the word. We also want to say thank you. That’s why we’ve created the Salt Solutions referral program!

Savings Never Expire

Refer fellow CFA® candidates, get up to 50% off.

  • For every successful referral, where your fellow candidate purchases access to Salt Solutions, you get 10% off all future purchases*—and they do, too!
  • Although discounts max out at 50%, you can continue to invite as many candidates as you want. Anyone who signs up through a referral link will be eligible for 10% off their purchases.
  • As you continue to build up your referral network, each fellow candidate will earn you an additional 10% off, with a maximum discount of 50% off all future purchases*.
  • Start early, save more—even with a trial account! A Salt Solutions trial is all it takes to invite others. Earn discounts before you even make your first purchase.

*When we say “all future purchases” we mean all future purchases. The earlier you refer others, the more you save.

A Little Work, A Lot of Reward

How to Start Saving in 4 Steps

Referring fellow candidates to Salt Solutions is easy:

Step 1 - Create a Salt Solutions account or log into your existing account.

Don’t have a Salt Solutions account yet? Go to our Pricing page to get started with a free account.

Step 2 - Tap the “Refer” button at the bottom of our sidebar menu.

“Refer” will expand into “Refer a candidate and save.” Tap that to find your way to the Referrals section of your Account Settings. That’s where the discount-earning action is.

Step 3 - Click “Invite” and input your fellow candidate’s email address.

Who’s the lucky person? If they don’t respond, you can always cancel the invitation and invite someone new.

Step 4 - Repeat 4 more times to receive the maximum discount.

Once you reach the maximum 50% discount (which applies to all your future Salt Solutions purchases, by the way), you can still invite others. They’ll receive 10% off, thanks to your referral. Call that social capital.

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