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Interview by Team Salt Solutions on (Updated on ) in Chartered Testimonials

CFA candidate Tom Vaughan passed the Level I exam using Salt Solutions. In our interview, Tom explains why he's earning his charter and how it will benefit his career as an equity researcher and fund manager.

Tom Vaughan is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) candidate who's putting in the work to earn the respect of his clients and colleagues. Currently serving as an equity researcher and fund manager at a family office in Chicago, Tom is seeking this prestigious and valuable designation to ensure his clients know their money's in expert hands.

Studying for the CFA exams isn't easy, especially combined with a busy career and social life. That's why Tom chose Salt Solutions. Our brief readings and video lessons made fitting studying into his schedule easy. His personalized study plan—provided by our CheckPoints tool and Focus analytics—helped him focus on the most important stuff.

Tom's choice paid off, and he passed his Level I exam. Now, he's using Salt Solutions to prep for Level II and continue his journey. He knows all the hours he's investing are worth it, because of the confidence he'll gain when he passes that last exam. Onward and upward to Level II and Level III!

We're thankful to Tom for sharing his story, and we're looking forward to hearing more about his success.

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