Working Toward Wall Street in Lusaka

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CFA candidate Suzgo Luhanga lives in Zambia and dreams of working on Wall Street. In our interview, conducted in partnership with Relatum Studio in Lusaka, learn how Suzgo’s earning his charter to inspire his son.

As a CFA candidate and portfolio analyst at ZCCM Investment Holdings, Suzgo Luhanga has always been driven by a passion for finance and investment. In pursuit of a career on Wall Street, Suzgo believes earning the CFA charter is a necessary step in achieving his goals.

Suzgo has faced numerous challenges in his CFA exam preparation, including a lack of study materials and resources in his home country of Zambia. He credits Salt Solutions with helping to simplify his learning process. He was grateful for the extension our team provided when his exams were canceled due to COVID-19. Suzgo found the bite-sized videos and Focus phase of Salt Solutions particularly helpful, as they allowed for more efficient studying given his busy schedule as a working professional and father.

Despite the challenges he’s faced, Suzgo is determined to succeed and he’s found support in the encouragement of his wife and the potential impact earning the CFA charter could have on his career. When Suzgo received the news that he had passed Level I, he was overjoyed and relieved, and he attributes much of his success to the guidance and resources provided by Salt Solutions.

Suzgo looks forward to continuing his studies and is confident that, with support from Salt Solutions, including lead instructor Mike Carmody, he will earn his charter and fulfill his dreams! We conducted this interview in partnership with Relatum Studio, located in Lusaka, Zambia.

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