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Everything you need to pass, from manuals to mock exams.

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All-In-One CFA® Prep

Everything you need to pass your CFA® exams.

  • Our Mock Exams mimic Prometric, the exam interface of the CFA Institute’s actual online exams. Feel a sense of familiarity when you sit down to take the real thing.
  • Our quick-paced Review Materials summarize the key testable concepts of the curriculum before you dive into custom quizzes and mock exams.
  • Our Custom Quiz Builder taps into our question bank to drill your knowledge and strengthen your weak areas.
  • Our Focus Analysis tool spotlights where you need the most help, where it’s most important to the exam. Be targeted in your last few weeks to the exam.
  • Using our Manuals and Video Lessons, you will build your understanding and learn how to apply it through concept-checking Assignments.
  • With our CheckPoints Dashboard, you can quickly see your weekly goals, as well as your progress across topics, content types, and a history of individual tasks.
  • Our video and written Solutions help you dive deeper into the answers to give you an extra layer of learning and understanding.
  • Exclusive to our Complete Access, take peace of mind knowing you can use our platform until you pass. This feature applies to each year’s new syllabus as well.
Focus Express
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Focus Express includes the Limited Trial to the Complete Package

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CFA candidate frequently asked questions.

Does Salt Solutions include everything I need to prepare for the CFA exam?

Yes, our platform includes everything you need to prepare for the CFA exam, including study materials for every topic, assignment questions, a full suite of review materials, practice exams, and a custom quiz builder that draws from our extensive question bank. Explore the platform on our Features page.

How often do you update content?

As needed. Our dedicated team works every day to create new content, improve current content, and track the ongoing changes to the CFA Institute curriculum. We may also change or update content based on your feedback.

Why should I choose Salt Solutions as my CFA exam preparation provider?

Salt Solutions follows CFA Institute guidelines and standards to provide you with valuable study materials and a high-quality CFA learning experience.

Our team built Salt Solutions based on extensive research into what CFA candidates want from a study tool. Our work was also informed by our own time as CFA candidates and our years of experience helping candidates succeed on their exams. We fed all of that knowledge into creating this platform to help you prepare efficiently and effectively.

The result is a learning experience that guides you from your first day of studying to your exam day. We have divided your preparation into two phases: Learn teaches you the material, while Focus teaches you how to take the exam. Check out our video introduction from instructor Mike Carmody to learn more.

Is a question bank included?

Yes. All questions are handpicked by our team to cover key concepts, and they are similar in style to what you will see on the actual exam. In addition to the question you answer after each reading, our approach to preparation includes a second phase, titled Focus, featuring practice exams, a custom quiz builder, and review materials.

What is included in the free trial?

(1) A full topic (Quantitative Methods for Level I and Level II, Economics for Level III) featuring over 10 hours of content, including video lessons, manuals, and our custom quiz builder.

(2) A mock exam that simulates the real exam experience, from the Prometric-like interface to the difficulty of questions.

Signing up takes less than a minute, no credit card is required, and your access never expires.

Are discounts available for Salt Solutions?

Using our referral program, you can earn discounts on Salt Solutions study materials by referring fellow candidates. Each successful referral (i.e., one leading to a qualified purchase) earns you 10% off, up to a total of 50% off.

That discount applies to all Salt Solutions products, so if you earn 50% off as a Level I user, you will receive 50% when you purchase Level III. Learn more about our referral program.

What are other candidates saying about Salt Solutions?

“Explanations were very clear and very simplified. Quantitative Methods was my most difficult section and you made it look easy.” – Eve K., Passed CFA® Level I exam using Salt Solutions

“Loved it! I’m going to use Salt Solutions for both Level II and Level III. I felt like I had all of the resources to prepare.” – Justin Waisner, Passed CFA® Level I exam using Salt Solutions

“The practice questions are more difficult than the exam. Love watching the videos on 2x. Love the recap portion after you finish the main content. The formula sheet is one of the best study materials.” – Brandon Arns, Passed CFA® Level II exam using Salt Solutions

“The overall complexity of the mock exams and questions provided was high, which helped in clearing a lot of queries. The user interface is good and does not work against you when looking at the screen for long periods of time … [Mock exams] made me overprepared for the exam.” – Abhishek J., Passed CFA® Level II exam using Salt Solutions

“I have been very impressed. In my opinion and for my learning style, Salt Solutions is a much better platform overall … I LOVE your videos and slides.” - Guy C., CFA® Level III candidate, Salt Solutions user

“I chose Salt Solutions because I’m a visual learner who doesn’t like long lectures. The bite-sized information is perfect.” - Billy K., CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

“I have to work every day and really have no time to attend classes or hours-long online sessions. I chose Salt Solutions because of how the materials are highlighted and the bite-sized videos.” - Phoebe B., CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

“Honestly, the videos have helped me understand so much better than just reading text. Very detailed notes and a bonus of how to use a financial calculator.” - Sharnie-Gaye Brown, CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

“Thank you, Salt Solutions! This platform is perfect for candidates who work full-time and are raising a young family. The content is so well presented and the videos are to the point, with classy visual aids. The CFA journey is surely more enjoyable with Salt!” - Aaron Roy, CFA® Level I candidate, Salt Solutions user

“I’m thankful that Salt was on my side and erased my fears that I was going crazy. Keep on making the world a better place. One candidate at a time.” - John, Passed CFA® Level II using Salt Solutions

Complete Access gives me access to materials until I pass? Does that include the new curriculum for each year?

Yes, if you don’t pass your exam this year, for example, you will receive access to your level’s curriculum the next year as well. We never revoke access to Salt Solutions materials once you’ve made the Complete Access purchase.

Can I share my account with others?

No. Salt Solutions users agree to not share access to their account. Furthermore, students are required to keep private (not share) any materials, viewed, download, or otherwise acquired from Salt Solutions websites or software or partner websites that require a purchase or subscription to access.

Should I get Focus Express or Complete?

Complete features everything you need to pass your CFA exam, and it’s divided into two phases, Learn and Focus:

(1) The Learn phase includes study manuals and video lessons for every topic in the curriculum to help you learn the material in an efficient way.

(2) Once you finish Learn, you move onto the Focus phase, which features our review materials and assessment tools, including mock exams, performance analytics, and our question bank with quiz creator.

You have unlimited access to Complete until you pass your exam.

On the other hand, Focus Express offers you 45 days of access to all of the review and assessment tools in our Focus phase. In short, Focus Express cuts out the learning and zeroes in on helping you test yourself, identify your weak areas, and make the most of your limited time in your last few weeks of CFA prep. It’s a plan to keep you moving toward the finish line of your exam!

Whether you choose Complete or Focus Express depends on your needs. If you already have a great understanding of the curriculum, Focus Express might be the best choice for you.

What should I bring to the CFA exam?

To prepare for the CFA exam, bring your exam admission ticket, a valid international travel passport, and an approved calculator with fresh batteries, either the Texas Instruments BA II Plus or the Hewlett Packard 12C. Make sure your passport is current, as expired passports will not be accepted.

How can I prepare for the CFA exam?

Everything you need to prepare for the CFA exams is on Salt Solutions! Preparation involves understanding the exam structure, studying the curriculum thoroughly, and practicing with mock exams. We recommend you start studying at least 6 months in advance. Completing assignment questions and taking short breaks (for example, going for a walk) during your study sessions can help you better retain information.

Why should I take the CFA exam?

The CFA charter is globally recognized and provides a strong foundation of advanced investment analysis and real-world portfolio management skills. Earning your CFA charter can significantly enhance your career prospects in the finance industry, opening opportunities in investment banking, portfolio management, financial analysis, and more.

What tools does Salt Solutions provide to aid in CFA exam preparation?

Salt Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of learning tools to help you prepare for the CFA exam. These include detailed study notes, practice questions, mock exams, and topic-focused quizzes. All content is meticulously crafted by our team to match the CFA Institute curriculum, ensuring full coverage of each exam topic.

Are there video lessons specifically focused on the ethics portion of the CFA Exam?

Yes, Salt Solutions provides specific video lessons focusing on the ethics topic of the CFA exam. These lessons offer an in-depth exploration of each ethical standard, with real-world examples to help you understand how they apply in practical contexts. This section is critical, as it plays a significant role determining your exam outcome.

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Our team is here to provide you with thorough support on your CFA journey.

  • The Salt Solutions platform has all the resources you need for effective CFA exam prep, including a complete slate of review materials, topic study information, assignment questions, custom quiz builder derived from our vast question bank, and practice exams.

  • Salt Solutions follows CFA Institute guidelines and standards to provide you with valuable study materials and a high-quality CFA learning experience.

  • Whether you need CFA exam prep for the Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 exam, we offer everything you need to pass your CFA® exams. This includes having the right CFA mock exam, CFA sample exam, CFA practice quiz, and other review materials at your fingertips when you need them.

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