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We’re your pathway to passing.

Our two-phase approach to preparation puts you on the pathway to passing. First, you’ll learn the materials, then you’ll focus on applying what you have learned to exam-like questions. Each phase features a unique dashboard, content, and analytics to keep you focused on the important stuff.

Phase 1

Our approach to learning gives you the confidence and understanding to solve any question you encounter.

Using our online manuals and video lessons, you will work through simplified explanations of each CFA topic. We help you learn and retain only what you need to know versus everything within the topic. From there, we’ll provide you with bite-sized assignments to reinforce what you’ve learned and help you quickly assess your understanding.

Phase 2

Using our mock exams, quizzes, review materials, and analytics, you’ll have everything you need in the final weeks leading up to your exam.

We start you off with review materials that cover each reading and give your brain a quick refresher. At that point, you’ll be ready for a combination of quizzes and mock exams to help identify your strongest and weakest areas. Through analytics and insights, we’ll help you use your last few weeks as effectively as possible.

Crafted for Candidates

Prep that stands above the rest.

Salt Solutions is a CFA learning experience built to fit your needs and life. We are with you every step of the process—from the day you register to your last custom quiz—to deliver a unified CFA learning experience.

Salt Solutions dashboard that shows your weekly task goal as well as how far you are in the Learn and Practice phase.

The Journey Ahead

In Phase 1, our Learn dashboard shows you what you need to accomplish to stay on pace. Divide and conquer with weekly CheckPoints goals that break the curriculum up into manageable, bite-sized chunks. Your studies start here.
The Learn tool is used to read manuals, watch video lessons, and take question assignments.

Because Simpler Is Better

You’ll spend most of your time in Learn, so we streamlined the interface to get you closer to the materials faster. Our manual and videos simplify the most complex concepts and break them down with step-by-step explanations.
Showcasing Prometric-like user interface, you can navigate through exam questions and attempt answers.

Realistic Mock Exams

Salt Solutions mock exams are just like the real thing. Our questions mimic the language, tone, and structure of actual exam questions. Our mock exam interface resembles Prometric, the computer-based testing (CBT) interface you’ll see on exam day. Testing is a mindset, and you’ll walk into your exam knowing what to expect.
The Checkpoints dashboard shows your overall progress, weekly progress, and compares it to last week.

Make Every Step Count

In our CheckPoints tool, topics that are crucial to the exam are worth more points. If your exam is quickly approaching, we’ll help you focus on what’s most important. Be targeted, not comprehensive.
Focus dashboard shows your overall performance, a step by step recommendation on how to improve, and a list of your weakest topics.

Your Best Version of You

In Phase 2, our Focus dashboard helps you continually strengthen your understanding. Review, practice, and assess, then determine where your attention is most urgently needed. Focus lays out your plan to improve, making the best use of every day.
The Quiz Creator gives the option to create a quiz based on a topic or reading while providing you with statistics on your performance.

Knock Out Knowledge Gaps

Our quizzes supplement your time learning and practicing. If there’s a topic you’re struggling with, target it with a custom quiz to round out your understanding. You determine the topic, number of questions, and grading style, to ensure your quiz fits your needs—and calms any nerves.

More Than a CFA Learning Tool

Highly polished, start to charter.

We have invested time, thought, and care into creating a platform that’s both useful and beautiful. Every element of your study environment has been considered to give you every advantage. The result is a learning experience that rises far beyond the competition.

Incredible instruction

All video lessons are taught by lead instructor Mike Carmody. He’s a CFA charterholder with 20+ years of teaching experience.

Never get lost

Simple, efficient navigation ensures everything you need is nearby. If you step away, get right back to where you left off with one click.

Empowering analytics

Stay motivated with statistics and infographics that help you assess your preparation and compare your progress to other users.

Bite-sized content

We know your time is limited. That’s why our videos and readings are split into 10-minute chunks. Fit studying into your busy life with ease.


  • Toss out the schedule

    Our preparation pace keeper gives you weekly goals to keep your studies on track. Each task you complete gets you closer to your goal.

  • Use your limited time wisely

    Tasks that are more important to the exam are worth more CheckPoints. When you have a limited amount of time to study, this allows you to prioritize.

  • Responsive to real life

    If you’re completing your weekly goals, you’re right on pace. If you fall behind, no worries! Every Monday morning, we recalibrate your goals to keep you on track.


  • Find your community

    On our discussion boards, you will join a community of fellow CFA candidates, each experiencing your CFA level alongside you.

  • Instructors on demand

    Our discussion boards also put you in direct contact with our instructors. They respond to any and all questions within 2 business days—and sometimes within 24 hours!

  • A home for every question

    Each and every question (several thousand in total) gets its own discussion board. Post there to get further clarification and explanation.


  • Always on your side

    To answer your platform questions, Salt Solutions users get their own support team. This hardworking team is devoted to ensuring your experience is smooth.

  • Rapid-fire solutions

    If you run into technical issues, our support team is on top of it, responding and resolving the issue within hours.

  • Responsive to your needs

    When you have a feature request, our support team (and our team as a whole) is eager to hear it! We act on your feedback to improve our platform.

Experience Salt Solutions for yourself.

Whether you’re starting your CFA journey with free access to Level I, or continuing your studies with Level II or Level III, we have everything you need to pass your exams.