Announcing Salt Week 2023 Winners

Announcing Salt Week 2023 Winners

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Congratulations to the winners of our CFA exam preparation giveaway! Nguyen Bao Tin, an accountant in Vietnam, won Level II, while Ashish Ghimire, a finance professor in Texas, won Level I.

We’re excited to announce the winners of last week’s Salt Week 2023 giveaway! Nguyen Bao Tin, an accountant from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Ashish Ghimire, an Assistant Professor of Finance at McMurry University in Texas, are both on their way to earning their charter with materials from Salt Solutions.

"With manuals, videos, and quizzes, I can practice more to remember and understand the lessons. Practice makes perfect and Salt Solutions will help me get there." Nguyen Baho Tin, #SaltWeek2023 Winner, CFA® Level II materials

Nguyen Bao Tin builds on his success with CFA Level II

Nguyen Bao Tin is pursuing his CFA charter to gain the knowledge he needs to work in finance.

Tin believes earning his charter and gaining practical experience will enhance his job prospects and put him in a position to help develop the financial market in Vietnam. Tin chose Salt Solutions because he believes our study platform will give him the best opportunity to practice and understand CFA Program concepts.

On the same day that he won our giveaway, Tin received his Level I exam results and learned he had passed in the top 10%! We’re glad to have him on board for Level II.

"I believe I will feel more prepared for the test with help from Salt Solutions. Obtaining a CFA charter would add more credibility and motivate my students to take the test." Ashish Ghimire, #SaltWeek2023 Winner, Level I materials

Ashish Ghimire begins his journey with CFA Level I

Our second winner, Ashish Ghimire, teaches undergraduate classes that prepare students for the CFA exams.

Ashish believes obtaining the charter will add credibility to his teaching and motivate his students to see the value in this designation. He says passing these exams will also help him grow professionally.

Ashish initially planned to prepare on his own, but after exploring our study materials, he believes he’ll spend less time studying and ultimately feel more prepared with help from Salt Solutions.

Congratulations to our winners!

We wish Tin and Ashish all the best in their journey to become chartered financial analysts! Congratulations, you two, and please keep us posted on your future success.

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