Salt Solutions Platform Update 07-05-22

Salt Solutions Platform Update 07-05-22

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New mobile-first marketing website, launch of 2023 CFA study materials, easier access to referrals, and various other improvements to your CFA learning experience.

We're always working to improve Salt Solutions for our candidates! We've made several huge updates in the past month, and we think you'll enjoy them:

  • Provided easier access to our referral program. On your account dashboard, Referrals are now just one click away on your account page thanks to a button in your account-side sidebar menu. Earn discounts even faster.
  • Updated the Salt Solutions website to provide mobile users with a better browsing experience, show off a few favorite testimonials (thank you!), and improve our SEO performance, among many other benefits.
  • Kicked off the 2023 syllabus, beginning with 4 topics for Level I and all topics for Level III. View the content roadmap to learn when materials will be available, including mock exams.
  • Adjusted URL structure to avoid duplicate exam names. Apologies if this change broke your bookmarks or autofills.
  • Changed our nomenclature from "practice exams" to "mock exams" site-wide to match the industry standard. Mock till you drop, my friend.

Check back later for future Salt Solutions updates and keep pushing on your CFA® exam studies.

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