Salt Solutions Platform Update 11-19-20

Salt Solutions Platform Update 11-19-20

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Another great round of Salt Solutions updates? Yes, indeed! Check out what's new.

v1.5, 11/19/2020

Hello, candidates, we hope your studies are progressing well! Review this latest round of updates and let us know if you have any feedback, questions, or compliments.

New Features:

  • Topics Complete: Study materials for the full suite of CFA Program topics are now available. Thanks to our early Beta users for their patience as we refined these materials to a high shine.
  • Weekly Goal Reset Localized: Your CheckPoints weekly goal reset will now correspond to Monday, 3 a.m., in your timezone. This change flows into the Time Invested graph, showing your up-to-date progress from the present day. Not yesterday or tomorrow.
  • Blog Added: We have added a blogging feature to the Account side of Salt Solutions. This will allow our team to more regularly correspond with you under the “Plugged In” feature on your dashboard. Watch that space for updates.

Minor Improvements:

  • Social Media Buttons: Also on the “Plugged In” module, we’ve added easy click-throughs to our Twitter and Instagram accounts. Follow our pages for Salt Solutions updates, commentary, and to interact with our effervescent personalities.
  • Modal Pop-Ups: Dashboard content will now appear in modal pop-ups instead of opening new pages, for a simplified experience.
  • Page Scrollbar: These modal pop-ups also include a fancy, built-in scroll bar, so you can move through content with ease.
  • Support Now Goes to FAQ: Clicking “Help & Support” in your profile menu now takes you to a list of frequently asked questions instead of our contact form. Check to see if we’ve got an answer at the ready before sending your question!

As always, we’re working hard to make Salt Solutions ever more exceptional for you. Keep learning and we’ll see you in the Discussions.

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