Free Access to CFA Level I Ending January 31

Free Access to CFA Level I Ending January 31

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Salt Solutions is offering free, lifetime access to CFA Level I exam prep until January 31. Get everything you need to pass the Level I exam, including curriculum updates.

Let’s get the big news out of the way first: Free access to CFA Level I on Salt Solutions ends January 31, 2024, 11:59 p.m. Central.

Until that day, you can register for the complete CFA Level I exam prep on Salt Solutions and get lifetime access to Level I curriculum updates.

Two big goals brought us here.

Way back in February 2023, we introduced free access to CFA Level I exam prep with two big goals for the year ahead:

  1. Ease your journey. The CFA exam is challenging enough without having to choose from a variety of prep providers. We wanted to make choosing Salt Solutions easier by removing cost from the equation.
  2. Grow our community. We also wanted to bring more CFA candidates on board to demonstrate our high-quality exam prep. Our platform might be newer to the field, but we believe it offers you a superior learning experience.

We’ve achieved both goals! Over the past year, Salt Solutions’ comprehensive, high-quality exam prep has helped thousands of CFA Level I candidates knock out millions of hours of studying and pass their first CFA exam.

"I like the free resources provided that supported my CFA Level I success.”

Your feedback has been amazing.

The feedback we have received from CFA candidates like you throughout the past year has been incredible. Over 90% of the candidates we surveyed as part of this promotion rated Salt Solutions 4 stars or higher out of 5.

Here’s what you all had to say about your experience on Salt Solutions and your appreciation for the free access promotion:

  • “I literally can’t even explain how grateful I am. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing CFA Level I for free.”
  • “Making Level I free helped me explore this website, and I would definitely be purchasing it for the 2nd and the 3rd levels.”
  • “Initially, I chose Salt Solutions due to Level I being free … Honestly, giving Salt a try was a genius move and is giving me content in bite-sized pieces followed with questions on each topic built into the platform itself. I've come from [another CFA prep provider], and the long monotone videos were very difficult to sit through.”
  • “I particularly appreciate and am grateful that [CFA Level I] content was free to access but nevertheless of high quality and comprehensive. I will definitely consider Salt Solution for its L2 content.”
  • “I [tried free Level I], and I am sure that with you I will be ready for the day. I like the clear explanations, and in addition, the videos help me a lot. Wish me luck!”
  • “It was free when I decided to join Salt Solutions, so it is impossible to improve that pricing. It’s super interactive, and a lot of questions are super well explained in the videos.”
  • “I didn't know if I wanted to pursue the CFA. [CFA Level I] being free is what gave me the nudge to give it a go since it was a $0 investment to start and try it out.”
  • “Everything on this platform is well put together, organized, easy to access, the information is facilitated as much as possible … I have to say that I'm really grateful for the opportunity to learn for free. As a student, that was really helpful.”

You have until January 31, 2024, to sign up for Level I and get lifetime access to Level I materials for free, including curriculum updates. Don’t miss out on truly priceless CFA prep and join the ranks of our successful CFA candidates.

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