A Comprehensive Review of Salt Solutions’ Free CFA Level I Experience

A Comprehensive Review of Salt Solutions’ Free CFA Level I Experience

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Looking for the right CFA prep? Learn what all the best providers offer and why Salt Solutions is a great choice with free CFA Level I trial.

Editor's Note: As of January 31, 2024, complete access to CFA Level I is no longer free. However, you may still access our free trial for CFA Level I, featuring a full topic and fully featured mock exam!


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exam is a rigorous test of financial knowledge and competence, and passing it is a significant milestone for anyone pursuing a career in finance.

Since it is a challenging test, many candidates turn to exam preparation courses and study guides that help them increase their chances of success. Among all the CFA preparation courses available, which learning platform should you choose?

This comprehensive review will explore the need for CFA exam preparation, the best ways to prepare and study, what to look for in a study guide, and why Salt Solutions is the best-equipped platform to help you pass the CFA Level I exam.

The Need for CFA Exam Prep Courses

The CFA exam is known for its challenging content and rigorous expectations. To earn the CFA charter, candidates must pass all three exam levels, with each being progressively more rigorous. The CFA Level I exam covers a broad range of topics, including the following:

  • Ethics and professional standards
  • Quantitative methods
  • Economics
  • Financial reporting and analysis
  • Corporate finance
  • Equity investments
  • Fixed income
  • Derivatives
  • Alternative investments
  • Portfolio management
  • Wealth planning

With such a vast and complex curriculum, candidates seek out exam prep courses that offer structured study plans, comprehensive materials, and expert guidance to help candidates navigate the exams successfully. The guidance and resources from the best prep courses significantly increase the chances of passing the CFA Level I exam.

Preparing for the CFA Level I exam requires a disciplined and well-structured approach. It’s best to begin your preparation several months in advance and invest in high-quality study materials. The CFA Institute strongly emphasizes ethics, so ensure you thoroughly understand the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.

Guidance from the best prep courses significantly increase your chances of passing the CFA Level I exam.

What To Look for in a Study Guide

When selecting a study guide for the CFA Level I exam, it’s crucial to consider the following factors:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: The study guide should cover all the topics outlined in the CFA Level I curriculum, ensuring you cover all the important areas.
  • Practice Questions: It should provide ample practice questions and mock exams to assess your knowledge and improve your test-taking skills.
  • Clear Explanations: Detailed explanations of answers are crucial for understanding the reasoning behind each question.
  • Updated Material: The CFA curriculum evolves, so ensure the study guide is based on the latest curriculum.
  • User-Friendly Interface: A well-designed and user-friendly interface makes navigating the study guide easier and more efficient.

Salt Solutions: CFA Level 1 Free Features

Now that we’ve covered the importance of exam prep and what to look for in a study guide, let’s explore why Salt Solutions is the best choice for CFA candidates.

CFA Level 1 Materials

Salt Solutions offers a comprehensive range of materials for CFA Level I candidates. These materials include mock tests and printable resources. The mock tests are invaluable for assessing your knowledge and getting a feel for the actual exam. The printable materials allow you to study offline, making it convenient to learn on the go.

CFA Level 1 Study Guide

One of the stand-out features of Salt Solutions is its study guides, not just for Level I but also for Level II and Level III exams. These study guides are meticulously crafted to cover the entire CFA curriculum. They provide clear explanations and practice questions and are regularly updated to align with the latest curriculum changes.

Instructor Support

Salt Solutions goes beyond providing study materials, offering a unique search and discuss functionality that allows you to reach out directly to the content creators and instructors. This direct line of communication is invaluable when exploring challenging concepts or having specific questions about the material. Having expert guidance at your fingertips enhances your learning experience significantly.

Pass Guarantee

For those who invest in Salt Solutions’ Full Exam Access, there’s an added benefit: the pass guarantee. Candidates can continue using the platform’s materials for as long as they need until they pass the CFA exam. This commitment to your success demonstrates Salt Solutions’ confidence in its materials and their effectiveness in helping you achieve your CFA goals.

For those who invest in Salt Solutions’ Complete Access to CFA Level I, there’s an added benefit: the pass guarantee.

Why Salt Solutions CFA Is Right for You

Salt Solutions stands out as the ideal choice for CFA Level I candidates for several reasons:

Two-Phase Prep Course

Salt Solutions offers a two-phase prep course to take you from initial learning to exam readiness. On the one hand, Learn is the core study phase with high-quality video lessons. On the other hand, the Focus phase, designed for the last month before the exam, boosts your confidence with review materials, quiz questions, a custom quiz builder, as well as mock exams. This structured approach ensures you cover all necessary content and stay on track.


Salt Solutions understands that studying for the CFA exam can be overwhelming. The platform features a streamlined and intuitive interface, meaning candidates will save time navigating the platform, so you can focus on your studies.

The Learn dashboard presents a comprehensive view of your study progress. It visually represents your overall progress score. Alternatively, the Focus dashboard delves into your performance in each topic, built upon the data collected from the quizzes and exams you’ve participated in.

The platform offers a clear perspective on the areas that require more attention, considering your level of expertise and the weight of the exam.

Product-Passionate Creators

Salt Solutions was created by product-passionate creators, including lead instructor Mike Carmody, who committed to providing CFA candidates with the best learning experience. Collectively our instructors share decades of experience preparing CFA candidates, and our commitment to quality and excellence is in every aspect of the platform.

The Focus phase boosts your confidence with review materials, quiz questions, a custom quiz builder, as well as mock exams.

The Takeaway

Salt Solutions’ CFA Level I exam prep offers a comprehensive and user-friendly platform to help you succeed. With its extensive materials, expert instructor support, and unique pass guarantee, Salt Solutions is the ideal choice for those aspiring to pass the CFA Level I exam.

Take advantage of Salt Solutions’ free access to Level I materials and experience firsthand why it’s the preferred choice for CFA candidates. Your journey to becoming a chartered financial analyst begins with the proper preparation, and Salt Solutions is here to support you. Your future awaits. Seize it today with Salt Solutions.

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