An Evolution of Our Learning Experience

An Evolution of Our Learning Experience

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Our take on review and assessment. And an evolution of our CFA learning experience.

We’ve got something big to tell you about. It's an extraordinary new addition to Salt Solutions, and our team has been working hard on it for months.

We call it Focus—it’s the second phase of Salt Solutions preparation and our approach to review and assessment.

A look at the Focus (Phase 2) dashboard, featuring a profile photo, the first step of a step-by-step assessment plan, a chart that shows the user's progress

Designed to meet your needs in the last month before your exam, Focus features review materials, practice exams, and a custom quiz builder.

Plus, our analytics show you where to target your efforts based on what’s most important to the exam, so you use every moment of your last month to the fullest.

Everything you need to prepare is right here.

If you’ve studied with Salt Solutions, you know all about our first phase, Learn, in which you learn the material via readings, video lessons, assignment questions, and written and video Solutions.

For Learn, our team has created incredible content and a high-quality experience to help you prepare for assessment and review. With Focus added to our platform, everything you need to prepare for your CFA exam is right here on Salt Solutions.

Let’s dive into the key features of Focus.

  • Review materials: Before you take practice exams and quizzes, we help you take a comprehensive look back at the CFA Program curriculum with succinct reviews of every topic, as well as review-specific assignment questions and Solutions. By the time you reach Focus, you will have done a lot of learning, and it’s important to refresh your knowledge.
  • Custom quizzes: Choose a topic, any topic, and we’ll pull up an assortment of questions (you choose how many) from questions written and curated by our team. If there’s a topic you’re struggling with, our quiz builder is here to help you work your way through it.
  • Practice exams: We’ve invested intense care into designing our practice exams. The questions mimic the language, tone, and structure of actual exam questions. The exam interface resembles Prometric, which the CFA Institute uses for computer-based testing (also known as CBT). What this means for you is that, before you take the exam, you’ll know what it feels like to take the exam.

Salt Solutions practice exam interface, modeled after the CFA Institute Prometric interface. Shows a practice exam in progress.

Just like our users are accustomed to with Salt Solutions, Focus is immaculately designed and carefully thought out. We’ve scrutinized every inch to ensure we’re meeting your needs and giving you an exceptional experience as you prepare for your CFA exams.

Insightful analytics, too!

Finally, you will see a brand-new user dashboard that’s specific to Focus and features analytics and infographics that are both beautiful and powerful.

Not only can you see the general arc of your performance, you can also zero in on a specific day to see how well you performed and how much you accomplished.

A set of three charts from the Focus dashboard, including a chart that shows your progress, a breakdown of daily accomplishments, and the user's performance by topic.

These analytics visualize your performance to give you a look at where you stand and how you’ve progressed. Your goal is to get your accumulated score (your Focus Performance rating) up to 70%, as we have identified that a score of 70% or higher means you’re more likely to pass the exam.

We also point out which topics you’re struggling with, and which of those topics matter most to the exam, so you can proceed with a data-informed plan on how to use your last month.

You won't have to wait long.

Focus will launch with the full release of our platform on June 1, 2021. Stay tuned and you’ll see it very soon.

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