How to Get CFA Study Material

How to Get CFA Study Material

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To prepare for the CFA exam, we recommend choosing Salt Solutions' CFA study materials, from mock exams to video lessons. Learn what you need to prepare for and pass your CFA exam.

Moving toward your goal of becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) requires extensive and careful preparation. Acquiring the right study materials is a key step in the process!

Below, we look at various ways to secure the best CFA study materials on the market provided by Salt Solutions.

Exploring Different CFA Study Sources

  • Official CFA Institute Resources: The CFA Institute offers its own study material, including practice exams and curriculum books. While these are helpful and comprehensive, they can be quite cumbersome and overwhelming, whereas additional resources can strengthen your preparation much further.
  • Online Platforms: Several online platforms—including ours, more on that below—provide CFA study material, ranging from free resources to paid courses. Be careful to choose only reputable sources that match up with the official CFA curriculum. The curriculum is updated annually, so be sure you're using up-to-date materials.
  • Bookstores or Local Libraries: Traditional methods of study utilizing textbooks are still relevant, albeit less personalized and guided. Check bookstores or your local library for CFA reference materials and study guides.

Be careful to choose only reputable sources that match up with the official CFA curriculum.

Why Choose Salt Solutions for CFA Study Material?

  • Customized Learning Experience: Salt Solutions provides a customized and unique learning experience with our CFA study materials. We've carefully created these resources, drawing on our expertise in the industry, to ensure they confirm with the CFA Institute's curriculum and help you learn the concepts efficiently and effectively.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access everything you need for success with Salt Solutions' comprehensive CFA Level 1 study materials, and then progress to Level 2 and Level 3 once you’ve passed the first exam. From quick-paced review materials to mock exams that reflect the actual CFA testing environment, our platform gives you a diverse array of resources designed to help you succeed.
  • Complete Access: Gain the confidence you need with our Complete Access feature, allowing you to utilize our platform until you pass. That even includes access to each year's new syllabus. This commitment demonstrates our dedication to your success. If you only want access to our mock exams and question bank, we also provide a Focus Express option (all of which is included in Complete Access)

Salt Solutions gives you a diverse array of resources designed to help you succeed.

Your Path to CFA Success Starts with Salt Solutions

In the realm of CFA study materials, Salt Solutions stands out as a superior choice! Our platform provides the best CFA Level 1 study materials, offering review materials, customizable quiz builder, mock exams, and more. With a team composed of past CFA candidates/current charterholders, we understand the challenges you face and we're committed to helping you succeed with the right study materials.

Begin your CFA exam journey with confidence by choosing Salt Solutions for your study preparations. To learn more about the extensive study prep we offer for CFA Level 1, 2, and 3 exam candidates, contact our team today. Prepare with the best CFA study materials and let Salt Solutions help guide you to CFA success.

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