It’s time to expect more from CFA® preparation

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Salt Solutions is more than a learning tool. We've crafted an all-in-one learning experience to prepare you for the CFA exams. From Day 1, it’s designed to hold your attention, keep you motivated, and empower you to learn independently.

No credit card or purchase necessary for trial. CFA Institute does not endorse, promote, review or warrant the accuracy or quality of the product and services offered by Salt Solutions. CFA Institute®, CFA® and “Chartered Financial Analyst®” are trademarks owned by CFA Institute.

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Success starts with supporting you

More than study materials, you get our firsthand knowledge of the Chartered Financial Analyst® exams. We’ve applied our expertise to ensure Salt Solutions meets your needs and supports you every step of the way. Everything you need to prepare is right here.

Understanding, not memorization

Our manuals and video lessons emphasize understanding over memorization. Fully explore the CFA curriculum’s core concepts, so you can apply them.

Layers of in-depth learning

Our Solutions stand out from the competition. You get step-by-step processes for reaching answers yourself. And detailed video Solutions for the toughest assignment questions.

Keep your eyes on the charter

Target your weak areas with succinct reviews, custom quizzes, and practice exams that mimic the real thing. All written and curated by our team.

Only the essentials

Because we understand the journey you’re taking, we know how to simplify it. Every step of the way, we show you only what you need to see.

Toss your schedule

Our CheckPoints tool gives you bite-sized weekly goals to focus your studies and keep you on pace. Complete your tasks, earn your points, and you’re good.

Curated with purpose

Our guidance is built into every corner of Salt Solutions. Every question, reading, Solution, and analytic you see is created and chosen by our team to improve your experience.

Disciplines aplenty

The Salt Solutions team is composed of educators, content creators, creatives, designers, developers, multimedia engineers, and more. We’ve united to provide you with an exceptional learning experience.

What our candidates say...

We could talk all day about how effective Salt Solutions is. But it’s most important you hear from other candidates:

I love the program. The interface is extremely well crafted, it is interactive, effective, and visually appealing.



This is an amazing way to break everything down and make the material accessible.



This is great!! Very concise and straight to the point. Great questions as well to keep you engaged.



Why choose Salt Solutions?

Flat pricing for flexible needs.

We charge a flat monthly fee to fit your needs. A month to exam day? Take our practice exams and custom quizzes. Six months left? Let’s take full advantage of all of our learning tools.

Never get lost.

Our platform features simple, efficient navigation, so you’re always on the correct path to learning. What you need is always just a few clicks away.

Expertise you can trust.

All video lessons are taught by lead instructor Mike Carmody. He’s a CFA charterholder with 20+ years of teaching experience, and you’ll get to know him well.

Easy on the eyes.

You’ll spend a lot of time here! That’s why we carefully considered your study environment and included both a Light and Dark Mode to suit your needs.

Answers within reach.

Our Solutions content, discussion forums, and extensive manual ensure you can always find the answer to your questions.

More studying, less worrying.

Our CheckPoints tool reacts to your progress. If you’re falling behind, we let you know how to catch up and keep on pace.

Let's get you started today

If you've read this far, you’re ready to earn your CFA charter. All your effort today pays off tenfold tomorrow, and our team of educators is here to support you along the way. Begin your CFA journey today.